The Bezzotech library page contains links to content management resources that you may find useful. These resources include source code samples, presentations, and general information. All samples are provided as-is, with no support or warranty. Unless specified, all content is Copyright Bezzotech, all source code is available with the Apache 2.0 license. If you would like support, bug fixes, or modifications to the samples, please contact Bezzotech.

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Bezzotech Library
The Definitive Guide to Content Server Development

The Definitive Guide to Content Server Development
By Brian "Bex" Huff

A 500 page textbook about how to customize the Stellent Content Server, and create applications with it. Most of this is applicable to Oracle Universal Content Management as well.

Download all sample HCSP, JSP, Java, and custom components shown in the Stellent book, with some error corrections.

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Transforming Infoglut!
By Brian "Bex" Huff and Andy MacMillan

This book is intended for CIOs, CEOs, and project managers so they can understand what ECM is, how its useful, and why it is desperately needed. It contains what we call a "pragmatic strategy" for Enterprise Content Management:

• Consolidate: Bring as much content as possible into one strategic repository.

• Federate: Extend content management services to existing tactical repositories, when consolidation is not cost effective.

• Secure: Make sure your content is secure, no matter where it exists.

This book describes solutions for existing ECM systems, legacy systems, portals, web applications, and enterprise search. It covers archives, especially email archives, and enterprise wide security beyond the repository. It also covers the retention and destruction of your documents, no matter where they exist within your enterprise.

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Bezzotech Downloads
Cross Domain JSON Support for 11g A component that allows you to make pure JavaScript-based mashups with data and services in the content server, using either the JSON-P or CORS standards. Documentation included. Also available for 10g! Download
HowToComponents for Oracle UCM 11g NEW! These sample components have been around since version 4.0, and now they are new and updated for the 11g Content Server. Download
jQuery UCM Plugin v1.0 A jQuery plugin for Oracle UCM that allows easy content server calls through AJAX. Works with Oracle UCM 10gr3 and 11g. Download
Mashups, and New Trends In Enterprise Software (technical) A presentation Bex gave at Crescendo 2007, about creating enterprise mashups with Stellent/Oracle technology. Also download the SampleMashup component to see how mashups work with the Stellent/Oracle content server. Download
Mashups, and New Trends In Enterprise Software (non-technical) Bex's keynote presentation at Minnesota's AIIM CONTROL event, January 2008. This one contains more general information about enterprise mashups, and avoids mentioning specifics about the Stellent/Oracle content server. Download
Introduction to Writing Integrations With Oracle/Stellent A high-level presentation Bex gave at Crescendo 2007, about 50 different ways to integrate your application with Oracle/Stellent content management. This included CIS, SOAP, command-line tools, ActiveX controls, and RSS Feeds, among others. Download
Content Server Security - Challenges and Best Practices A security presentation Bex gave at Crescendo 2006, containing general information about computer security, and how to protect your content server. Many of the tips presented here were merged into the 10GR3 Content Server release. Download
Remote Metadata Updater An example of how to connect to the Content Server from an Excel spreadsheet. This uses Visual Basic for Applications and SOAP to search for content items, and modify their metadata. Source code is provided. Note: not currently compatible with the ExtranetLook component. Download
RSSFeeds Sample Component An excellent sample that demonstrates how to generate an RSS Feed from just about anything in the Content Server. It includes sample RSS feeds for search results, Site Studio static lists, and even the error logs! Documentation is also included. Download
SampleBlogs Component A sample Site Studio web site that demonstrates how to add a blog on your page. It includes the FCKEditor for quick-post functionality. Download
SampleWikis Component A sample Site Studio web site that demonstrates how to create a Wiki. Your wiki pages can even be Microsoft Word documents. Supports some wiki markup, but most styling should be done with the Site Studio editor. You might also want the Java source, to add more wiki markup support. Download
HowToComponents for 7.5 A collection of eight tutorials that help demonstrate how to create a Java component. It includes the following components: AcmeMail, AddAlternateFile, DataAccess, DatabaseProvider, DynamicPrefix, NewIdocScript, ScheduledEvent, StockQuotes, and WorkflowCheck. Download
ToolTips for 10gr3 A simple component that adds tool tips to metadata fields, so contributors know what to put in the fields. Download