Case Studies

Custom WebCenter Solutions

As the industry leader in customized solutions, we possess the knowledge and expertise to customize any of the Oracle WebCenter products to develop the solutions you need for your organization.

Document Management

A government agency struggled to manage the many versions of the same document existing in email attachments, flash drives, local and network drives. Instead of finding the correct content, authors would start from scratch leading to inconsistencies and potential legal issues. In less than three months we designed and implemented a solution giving everyone in the organization search capability and access to the documents they needed to be productive. The achievement of the client’s goal not only reduced content duplication, but saved them numerous man hours of wasted time and provided ample return on their investment within the first year.


A multi-level marketing products company had been around for 30 years, but had grown leaps and bounds in the last few years. Their web architecture was no longer capable of keeping up with the demands of the business. Challenges included updating web marketing material in a timely manner, handling the volume of transactions now being generated, and providing their clients with the tools necessary to run their business. One singular tool was not cut out for the very different requirements they had. Integrating Oracle's Agile, Oracle's WebCenter, and Oracle's Universal Content Management along with Oracle's SSO Solution Oracle Internet Directory, we were able to provide the business with a solution meeting all of their needs today and for years to come.


A government agency was given a new mandate requiring them to provide a way for citizens to apply for the State's new "Conceal and Carry" Permit, a law allowing citizens to carry a concealed weapon as long as they had a permit for it. The permitting process required the county scan, collate, and workflow a number of documents submitted by the citizen. As a manual process this was cumbersome and took months to complete. With a new IPM solution put in place tied to Oracle's Universal Content Management, the documents were scanned, collated, work flowed, and retained per the new law, allowing citizens to obtain their permits in a fraction of the time it took via the old method.

Web Content Management

An energy company managing seven external websites as well as an intranet was bogged down with daily problems simply trying to update their content. Following thorough consultation with the client, we implemented a new web strategy utilizing Site Studio's WYSIWYG functionality for their many public and internal facing websites. Our design allowed users control of their content, the look and feel, and publishing. This solution afforded the client the reduction of IT support by over 50%, saving them not only time and money, but hours of unnecessary work, headaches and additional frustrations.

Universal Records Management

A state agency was saving records and applications on a network drive, finding it nearly impossible to search and realizing there was no way to manage record retention policies according to State and Federal standards. We designed a records management solution to manage 10-12 million records. A process was defined to batch load the content currently existing and another utility was built to allow for automatic ingestion of new content from the State's scanning application. Our solution yielded easy access to records, optimizing record retention while adhering to State & Federal guidelines.


"I really appreciate Bezzotech's commitment to education. We learned more about UCM from them in one day than we did in a year from other vendors!"

Lisa Schnack, City of Bellevue WA

"One of the most productive IT contractors that I have worked with in my career. His experience and knowledge goes beyond the product line (Stellent) he was hired to help with. His speed of delivery and breadth of expertise helped us make fast and critical improvements to our IT solution leading to higher satisfaction and productivity of the business users."

- Gene Kalmens, Orbitz Worldwide.

"An outstanding technical architect and developer. He worked extremely well with our internal team of develpers and consistently delivered results above expectations."

- Jim Olson, CTO, Iconoculture, Inc.

“Jason has served as the Oracle(Stellent) technical architect for my project on two separate occasions. Both times Jason has demonstrated his in-depth knowledge and expertise of the Oracle(Stellent) application through his detailed designs, strategic assessments, mentoring of junior developers and technical implementations. Jason has shown great communications skills with the project team and both client business and technical counter parts. In addition, Jason has assisted the project in providing strategic foresight and guidance to achieve the best end results. I would highly recommend Jason for future related projects and look to have him on my team again.”

- Jimmy Hsu, Resource Point.